Khan's Radio Construct Mix

Khan – Every Body Is A Bell
Techno Animal - The Myth/Illogical
The Clash - Shepherds Delight
Weird War - Music For Masturbation
Khan Of Finland - (Freedom)
John Cage - Solo for Voice No.17
Guem Et Zaka - La Forêt Vierge
Tiny Tim – We Love It
Mika Vainio – Konsti
Thomas Wydler + Toby Dammit – Heavenly City
Jah Wobble – Fly 5
Matmos - Sement Song For James Bidgood
Magical Power MAKO - In a Stalstite Cavern Astronaus
Gang Gang Dance – God's Money 5
Kanye West – Say You Will
Ghost - Improvisation: a) On The Road b) In The Metro (live 1988)
Last Poets – The Lone Ranger
Black Swan's End Cake - Cat Out Of The Bag
Isolée - Cite Grande Terre
The KLF - Justified And Ancient
Sun Ra – Strange Strings
Ursula Bogner – 2 Ton
Baba Zula – Cecom
The Carl Stalling Project - Putty Tat Trouble Pt. 6