CUBE 40 "Bad Computa" (TTXX0001)

Out on vinyl via Nov. 13th & digital Nov. 10th 2017

“Bad Computa” was originally released in 1995 on Temple Records NYC and is now the second re-issue on TEMPLE TRAXX.
Produced by my brother Jammin’ Unit, who also signed for re-mastering, and myself as Bizz O.D. in four-on-the-floor matters.

CUBE 40 was always meant to be “The Ramones of Techno” by repeating the same track idea over and over. Compare with “You Make Me Function” and you’ll get the idea. Cube 40 played only one show ever: 1998 at Berlin’s E-Werk, dressed in ripped jeans and t-shirts, long black hair, and a can of Budwiser in each hand to resemble their Gabba-Gabba-Hey heroes. Hey Ho Let’s Go Bad Computa!

Yours sincerely,
Khan (Of Finland)

℗ & © 2017 Temple Traxx

CUBE 40 "You Make Me Function" (TTXX0000)

Khan presents:
CUBE 40 “You Make Me Function”

Out October 6th 2017

Temple Traxx is my brand new label specializing in material from the early days of techno and house.

At the time I was living in New York City and ran the electronic record shop Temple Records NYC and a weekly techno party called "Killer" at legendary Save The Robots.
Now, 22 years later, I am excited to curate this brand new outlet for sleazy-machine-music together with Killekill and Metabanana Airforce distribution.

CUBE 40, who always considered themselves The Ramones of Techno, was the first 10” with “You Make Me Function” to come out on Temple Records NYC in 1995 and is now the first digital reissue on Temple Traxx (Vinyl available via WAS/IS). Produced by my brother Jammin’ Unit who also signed for re-mastering and myself as Bizz O.D. in 4-on-the-floor matters.

Temple Traxx will freshly reedit and remaster more tracks from this legendary time plus new material on a monthly basis. So stay tuned my dear DJ bitches.

Yours sincerely,
Khan (Of Finland)

℗ & © 2017 Temple Traxx