Bizz O.D. "The New York Push" TTXX0004 out now!

Bizz O.D. is somewhat of a mystery.

A known fact is that she released noisy hypnotic acid-house tracks on Force Inc. and Smile Communications back in 1993-1998. “Warship The Speakers” was taken very literally when Detroit was kneeling in front of their sound-system praying to the allmighty bass drum. “I’m Coming Out Of Your Speakers” went heavy rotation with Junior Vasquez at Sound Factory NYC. A collaboration with Jimi Tenor for OZON Records in 1995.

A few live shows have been proven to be Bizz O.D. herself. She would send someone, kinda anybody, to play her trademark Casio RZ-1 drum-machine and tweak her TB303 acid-lines. The vocal loops coming off some defunkt Dictaphone. So she’s never been really seen or photographed. Bizzi has ZERO social media except the mentions on Discogs and some up-loads on YouTube.

“The New York Push” is two previously unreleased tracks. Fetish club, distortion and newyorican-soul all in one. Set aside some pretty bizarr promo pictures that will add to the mystery.

It’s House, New York House with a Latin-Industrial subtext.

Ok, whatever